Pilgrim’s Progress

This fall as we are continuing to follow our Spiritual Growth Guide we will be reading Pilgrim’s Progress as a church.  We will also be taking the Fall to work through Pilgrim’s Progress on our weekends.  So we thought we would make some suggestions for some of the young readers in the church.

For elementary age kids checkout: Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim’s Progress









For upper elementary kids checkout: Pilgrim’s Progress


Funny Man Dan in Uptown this weekend – Utica Campus

Water Sports Sunday at our Albany and Utica campuses

This is our annual Water Sport Sunday at our Albany and Utica campuses.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • At our Utica campus this will be for kids ages 5-10
  • At our Albany Campus this will be for kids ages 6-11
  • Check in will inside the building as normal
  • We will take the kids outside at 15 after the start of service
  • Pick up will be outside at the designated water area
  • After service(s) as long as parents stay with their kiddo’s they can use the water sports course

Any questions don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Josh at joshlange@redeemer.tv or 315.792.4748

The Jesus Story Book Bible

Over the last couple of months we’ve been encouraging families to participate in Pastor Mike’s Spiritual Growth Plan by reading through the Jesus Story Book Bible.  Which is the 2nd book Pastor Mike is suggesting this year as part of our Spiritual Growth Plan.  Like April and May here is the final break down for working your way through the Jesus Story Book Bible.



  • June WK 1- Heaven breaks through, Let’s go!, The Singer, The Captain of the storm
  • June WK 2- Filled Full!,Treasure Hunt!,The Friend of the little children,The man who didn’t have…
  • June WK 3 – Running away, Washed with tears, The Servant King, A dark night in the….
  • June WK 4 – The sun stops shining, God’s wonderful surprise, Going home
  • June WK 5 – God sends help, A new way to see, A dream of Heaven

Redeemer Cup

Schedule For 2014 Redeemer Cup

the redeemer cup 2014Come out TONIGHT for the Redeemer Cup kick off  in Proctor Park in Utica from 4:30-6:00pm.  Check out the 3 day schedule below for the tournament and fun activities for the whole family.  Please join us for this free, fun event as we serve our community!

Saturday begins with the Opening Ceremony at 10:00 AM, then sixteen teams will compete in group play.  The top eight teams will advance to the Playoff Round on Sunday.  At the Closing Ceremony on Sunday at 5:00 PM, we will present medals to the top three teams, a Most Outstanding Player trophy, a Sportsmanship trophy, and the 2014 Redeemer Cup to the Champions.

Tournament Schedule

Friday, May 30th

  • 4:00-6:00 Team Registration, Team Photos
  • 4:30-6:00 Bouncy Castles
  • 4:30-6:00 Face Painting
  • 5:00-6:00 CoCo the Clown
  • Come hungry and try out Mangia Macrina’s wood-fired pizza

Saturday, May 31st

Sixteen teams playing in four groups.

Four games played simultaneously every hour.

  • 10:00 Opening Ceremonies
  • 11:00  Groups A, B
  • 12:00    Groups C, D
  • 1:00    Groups A, B
  • 2:00    Groups C, D
  • 3:00    Groups A, B
  • 4:00    Groups C, D

Sunday, June 1st

The top eight teams from Saturday advance to the Playoff Round.

  • 12:00  Quarter Finals
  • 2:00   Semi-Finals
  • 3:45   Third Place Shoot-Out
  • 4:00   Final Championship Match
  • 5:00   Closing Ceremony

Family Events Schedule

Friday, May 30th

  • 4:30-6:00 Utica Zoo’s Zoomobile
  • 4:30-6:00 Bouncy Castles

Saturday, May 31st

Sunday, June 1st

Summer in Oneway and Junction

For the Summer we will be taking a break from the Gospel Project and use the Big Curriculum from Hillsong called Supernatural.  During these months we will focus on being Extreme Living, Passionate Worship, and World Wide Worship.  It is going to be a great Summer filled with fun, friends, and worship.

Here is a great overview of what we will be talking about this Summer… TAKING IT HOME

Sneak Peak at what preschoolers are learning in June

First Look Preview: Clubhouse Pirate Adventure Part 1 (June 2014) from Orange on Vimeo.

Redeemer’s Spiritual Growth Plan

As a church we want to know Christ and become more like Him. Last year we focused on knowing God. Who is He? Knowing who He is and His character gave us a greater revelation of why we can trust Him. This year we want to continue to grow in our relationship with Him, develop a biblical worldview and a Gospel or Christ-Centered view of Scripture.

Last month we had a new addition to Talk Pray Do as we included a reading guide for the families of Redeemer to help them enjoy the Jesus Story Book Bible.  Here is the May breakdown.

May WK 1- The warrior leader, The teeny,weenie…true king,The Young king and the Horrible Giant
May WK 2- The Good Shepherd, A little servant girl & the proud general, Operation“No More Tears”
May WK 3 – Daniel & the scary sleepover, God’s Messenger, Get Ready!
May WK 4 – He’s here!, The Light of the World, The King of all Kings
Check out redeemer.tv for more information on Redeemer’s helpful guide to spiritual growth.

Something new for Talk Pray Do

If you’ve been around Redeemer the last two years I’m sure you have heard about our Spiritual Growth Guide (Pastor Mike’s Reading Challenge).  One of the books this year is the Jesus Story Book Bible.  This is one the whole family can read together.  So the new addition to Talk Pray Do this month is a reading guide for the families of Redeemer to help them enjoy this great book.  Here is how we have broken down April.

April WK 1 – The Story & the Song, The Beginning: A perfect home, The Terrible Lie
April WK 2 – A New Beginning, A Giant Staircase to Heaven, Son of Laughter
April WK 3 – The Present, The girl no one wanted, The forgiving prince
April WK 4 – God to the rescue!, God makes a way, Ten Ways to be perfect
Download April’s Talk Pray Do

Here is a great blog post from Pastor Sam explaining the why behind Talk Pray Do.

Easter Egg Hunt – Palm Sunday (and Saturday)

This is going to be a great weekend at Redeemer.  At our Albany (Sun 10 am), Rome (Sun 10 am), and Utica Campuses(Sat 6 pm, Sun 9 am, Sun 11 am) we will have an in-door Easter Egg Hunt.

Here are some important details to keep in mind:

  1. It will happen after each service in the hall of the Uptown Wing (Utica/Albany) and in Rome in the main level and Oneway Space.
  2. We will place foam eggs on the walls instead of plastic eggs.
  3. We will provide each kid with a map and together with their parent they will wander the hall (room) and mark on their map where they find eggs.
  4. They do not collect the foam eggs.
  5. When they are done they turn in their map and we give them candy in return.  We will have gift bags made up with different quantities of candy.  Based on what they mark on their map will determine which bag of candy they will receive.
  6. Don’t forget to invite friends and family
Here is a blog post by Pastor Sam with the details of last years event in Utica http://samluce.com/2013/03/how-to-make-an-easter-egg-hunt-a-family-event/