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I wanted to share another great resource with you.  It’s called Parent Link Live brought to you by the reThink group.  They are the company that produces our preschool curriculum and many resources that we use.  Each month they post a podcast that is seven to ten minutes long talking about issues relating to parenting.  Here is an excerpt from their website explaining the vision…

Parent Link Live helps parents and church leaders understand how, by combining their influences, they can accomplish more for the spiritual wellbeing of a child than either could individually. With Parent Link Live, you’ll be able to plug Carey Nieuwhof’s insights on parenting essentials. As lead pastor of Connexus Community Church, Carey has become a highly recognized leader in enabling churches to partner with parents.

I’ve really enjoyed these podcasts and found them very helpful.  It’s well worth the time so take a minute and visit Parent Link Live and you can listen to January’s podcast here:

Parent Cue App – Parents of preschoolers

What’s a CUE? A “CUE” is simply an acronym to help a parent lead his/her child spiritually.

CUE stands for:
Connect to God’s Story
Uncover something about life
Experience something together

Each week, preschool parents will find CUEs on the app to help them do those three things in the context of everyday moments. When you get the app, each week you’ll get the following CUES:

PlayTime: A parent can use any time that he/she is already playing with their preschooler to enhance his spiritual development. These activities will give parents ideas of how to incorporate Bible story review into natural playtime.

BathTime: Parents are already monitoring their child’s bath time to keep him or her safe. Why not incorporate some fun Bible time into an already daily (or every other day) activity?

DriveTime: Preschoolers are already strapped in the seat and ready to go. Let him or her watch watch this week’s Wonder! video or listen to this month’s song while driving down the road.

CuddleTime: You know that special time that happens just as a preschooler wakes up from his nap or maybe right before he goes to bed—that time when he wants to sit in your lap for some extra snuggles? That is the perfect time for a parent to pray with him and remind him how much God loves him.

ParentTime: This time is just for parents. ParentTime contains resources like blogs, podcast, video and more to encourage and inspire them. You’ll also find a video explaining each month’s theme.

The content on the app loads on throughout the week, so no parent should ever feel overwhelmed. But if you miss one day’s cue, just click on the This Month section of ParentTime to find the CUE feed, a list of the previous cues from that month. At the beginning of each month, all of the content will turn over to help parents get ready for a fresh new topic.

Trunk or Treat – Utica & Albany Campuses

October 31 – Trunk or Treat is all about safe, family fun and oh lots of candy. It’s a holiday themed community party and it’s completely FREE.  Expect bouncy castles, games, popcorn, cotton candy, prizes, and oh did we mention candy?  See you at the Utica Campus or the Albany between 6:00pm & 8:00pm on Friday., Oct. 31st!

Up Club – Grand Opening – Utica Campus

There’s absolutely no doubt that every individual created by God has a specific purpose and plan. We all face challenges and many of us find help and encouragement through the journey. There are however those who are perhaps forgotten or because of the nature of their challenges find it’s not as easy to find help or encouragement.

Up Club is an environment designed for our friends who are experiencing special needs. God loves every single child with special needs and He has a unique plan for each one. Our desire is to partner with families and kids experiencing special needs and provide an environment where the spiritual, intellectual and physical needs of these children are met.

God has a plan! And as we’ve discovered that plan is most of all a partnership. So from our team to the environments we’ve developed to serve your child and the entire family we really do believe that Up Club will be a great blessing.

For more information or to sign up please email us at or call Josh Lange at 315.792.4748

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