Indoor Egg Hunt on Palm Sunday (also on Sat)



This is going to be a great weekend at Redeemer.  At our Albany (Sun 10 am), Rome (Sun 10 am), and Utica Campuses(Sat 6 pm, Sun 9 am, Sun 11 am) we will have an in-door Easter Egg Hunt.

Here are some important details to keep in mind:

  1. It will happen after each service in the hall of the Uptown Wing (Utica/Albany) and in Rome in the main level and Oneway Space.
  2. We will place foam eggs on the walls instead of plastic eggs.
  3. We will provide each kid with a map and together with their parent they will wander the hall (room) and mark on their map where they find eggs.
  4. They do not collect the foam eggs.
  5. When they are done they turn in their map and we give them candy in return.  We will have gift bags made up with different quantities of candy.  Based on what they mark on their map will determine which bag of candy they will receive.
  6. Don’t forget to invite friends and family
Here is a blog post by Pastor Sam with the details of last years event in Utica